4 Tips to Eliminate Thumb Sucking Habit In Children

4 Tips to Eliminate Thumb Sucking Habit In Children a baby is definitely a nice thing and makes us happy,

it’s just there are times when you will have to be made hassle when faced with a problem to get rid of their habits that can interfere with health.

For example, toxicity suck thumb.

Babies and toddlers begin to suck their fingers as a tool to explore the surrounding environment them.

Some babies do this when they felt itchy gums due to start teething new, so they need something that at least can reduce itching they experienced.

Most parents may assume the child’s behavior than the act of sucking her thumb to play alone and will not become a habit. But in fact, the behavior of suck finger on a child can be a habit that is done constantly.

Thumb sucking behavior is a survival reflex behavior that has been done since the age of the child 15 weeks while in the mother’s womb.

Although most children will stop sucking his fingers at age 2 to 3 years,but in fact, there are some children who are still sucking his fingers up to the age of 7 years.

If you have this, some of the concerns that may occur is a risk of spreading germs from and-to-mouth child will be much greater, because when children suck their fingers, they will tend to ignore the hand hygiene.

In addition, other losses that will occur in children has a habit of sucking her fingers until childhood,

would disrupt the harmony of the teeth and material increases the likelihood of cavities on the child itself. For this reason, as parents, it is your duty to maintain and keep the child from danger and threats.

Here are 4 Tips to Eliminate Thumb Sucking Habit In Children

Start Since Early Age,Stopping the habit of thumb sucking in infants would be better done as early as possible.

Along age children already have their own thoughts and establishment of what it chooses.

Age baby when he started to suck the thumb is after 18 months.

This age infants begin to recognize objects and holding the toy.

Which is the object of their thumb,

And to be able to replace it will be either replaced with another object

Such as divert the toys hygienic and safe course.

Divert Habit

When you notice your child sucking his thumb middle, try to distract him with activities that make use of both hands.

As for example, give a doll then begged he embraced with both hands or with another activity that allows move his hands,

So that his thumb did not keep it suction.

Do not Reprimand or Scold,

When you find this habit becomes a habit children, do occasionally,scolded. pretend not see what children do, and then do the transfer.

Action scolding or issued fingers forcibly from his mouth, just going to make him feel strong and do it is more severe, because basically,

When the child is prevented to do something

The tendency them to do more severe will be higher.

Part Arising From Stress In Children

Children who experience a high pressure environment,

Experiencing developmental difficulties or social problems in their environment will tend to be more frequent thumb sucking. Therefore, looking for the cause

that lead to stress and depression. If this happens at an older age,

then set into his schedule earlier, create a schedule of daily activities become less or consult a physician

The habit of Sucking thumb child constantly can possibly cause illness complaints in the future.

This is because the potential germs move from the right hand to his mouth large. For that, immediately stop children from Sucking thumb habit.

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