The ideal weight gain during pregnancy

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The ideal weight gain during pregnancy
Corning Hospital, vice-cum-director of the department of obstetrics and gynecology of Yin Changsheng, MD, if mothers before pregnancy weigh within the normal range, then,

The ideal weight gain during pregnancy number of all Tizhongzengjia pregnancy 10-12 kg, if the weight before pregnancy is light, then the weight gain should be increased,

The ideal weight gain during pregnancy

if the weight before pregnancy is heavy, the weight gain after pregnancy should be less than 12 kg.

What is the ideal weight point?
Help soften production
can reduce damage
to prevent stretch marks
prevent obesity after childbirth
during pregnancy the main cause of obesity ─ eat less movement!

Although the ideal weight is between 10-12 kg, pregnant mothers who exceed this number are not a minority. Dr. Yin Changsheng and nutritionist Xu Meiya from Taipei Chang Gung Hospital said that most people think that pregnant women eat two people

to complement each other, and they worry that the fetus does not get enough nutrition, so They will often overeat. Xu Meiya further stated that pregnant women need to consume DOUBLE nutrients instead of DOUBLE portions.

The two are completely different!
Dr. Yin Changsheng said that in addition to overeating, inactivity is also the main reason for weight gain during pregnancy.

He said that approximately 70% of Taiwanese women do not have the habit of exercising and are afraid to move after pregnancy.

In fact, pregnant women still exercise moderately, as walking is a good exercise.

Pregnancy nutrition – a balanced food intake six categories
Xu Meiya nutritionist said that according to relevant information from the Department of Health show that early pregnancy is not necessary to increase calorie intake until the second period and the third period was the need to increase 300 calories.

The nutrient part is mainly to increase the intake of minerals and vitamins. In the second or third period, protein and iron should increase, but mothers not only pay attention to the amount of intake they need to increase.

The most important thing is to achieve total intake!
In terms of actual dietary intake, according to information from the Department of Health, the daily diet can be divided into six categories, each of which has its own intake.

By eating this way, pregnant mothers can achieve the goal of a balanced diet, so that your baby is healthy and well!

Benefits pregnant dynamic

Movement is not only ordinary people the only way to maintain good health, as well as for the fetus is more bulletin boards are a lot of advantages! The following are the various medical advantages Yin Changsheng and Taipei Wan Fang Chou Siyuan Medical Obstetrics and Gynecology Medical Center provide:
improvement of pregnancy discomfort
Tizhongzengjia number keep the desired
gestational diabetes control
of the naturally high production machine, shorter work
fast postpartum recovery
enough nutrients from fetal growth
adequate fetus size
to avoid intense and easy downward movement
High impact resistance, gravity movement, and easy sliding or other intense exercise, for example, an outdoor bike, taekwondo, weightlifting, ball games, running, jumping rope, skating, skiing , etc. It is not suitable for pregnant mothers, so as not to increase the load on the knees, cause uterine contractions or become dangerous.

The secret weight management experts during pregnancy
As a professional nutritionist, yes Xu Meiya is a novice mom, there was a total increase of 13 kg during pregnancy, no stretch marks on the abdomen, the production of the entire production process took only five hours and four after delivery What is the secret of your weight control during pregnancy when you return to your figure before pregnancy? Xu Meiya said that because he would go home to work every night, he would have to eat two bowls of vegetables, and bring his own lunch at noon, and drink a glass of milk or soy milk every day, and eat a fruit each at noon and at night. In addition, you should walk for half an hour every day.

The weight control code, PART 2 e
Lower, will be divided into the main points to provide nutritional intake and exercise in early, middle and late pregnancy!
Highlights of the diet during early pregnancy (0-12 weeks):

  1. Reject foods that are not nutritious and high in calories!
  2. Three meals for powdered foods are essential
  3. Too much fruit makes you fat!
  4. When should the fruit be eaten?
    Low-fat foods high in sugar can relieve morning sickness
  5. recommended walking pregnant mobile ─ preferably
    these are not suitable for mom sports Oh!

Yin Changsheng, MD, in general mom can do both sports, but with the following conditions sports should be avoided:

the hypertension
the fetus is too small
multiple births
cervix relaxation
premature birth power
quarter (13-28 weeks)
diet points:
one . Calcium should be 1000 mg per day

2. Tips on pregnancy: all types of mild exercise, without impact can be

Late pregnancy (29 to 40 weeks)

  1. Dietary approach: Increase iron intake!
  2. How much red meat should the pregnant mother eat?
  3. Secrets for a balanced diet
  4. Recommendations for pregnancy movements ─ Moderately reduce the amount of exercise

Eat more nutrient-rich foods during pregnancy and follow the six types of food intake, change the types of foods and add appropriate exercise every day, pregnant mothers can control weight gain during pregnancy!

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