Determine your baby’s gender

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Determine your baby’s gender
As far as we have advanced in technology, we are still unable to select whether we have a boy or a girl. Determine The baby’s gender

Parents would like to choose the sex of a new baby for many different reasons. Some would like a sibling of the same sex as older children. Others would like a girl after having only boys.

Without using complicated and expensive lab methods, we cannot select the gender of our babies.

There are methods that can be used to try for one gender, but they are not completely effective.

The methods have to do with differences between the X and Y sperm. Difference in acidity, mobility, and speed can all affect how soon the sperm meets the egg to fertilize it.

This way can take months of careful charting and planning before they can be used with any accuracy.

Even then, of course, this is not a guaranteed way to choose a boy or girl.
Pregnant women have been using wive’s tales to guess if they are having a girl or a boy for centuries.

Whether the mother has morning sickness or what she is craving is said to be an indicator of boy or girl.

The way the baby is laying in the womb or how high or low it is is also said to specific to a boy or a girl.

These wive’s tales have been passed down for generation and, unfortunately, have many contradictions.

The same mother can be told she’s having both a boy and a girl depending on the criteria.

Thus far, only in vetro fertilization can be used to accurately determine the sex of a new pregnancy.

This is costly and unethical for most doctors.

A blood test was developed recently to determine boy or girl in early pregnancy.

This is costly and can only performed a few weeks before an ultrasound is usually performed.

Ultrasounds are very accurate in determining what the baby is, but sometimes the technician isn’t able to tell.

No matter if you are going to have the boy or girl that you planned on, the most important thing is having a healthy child.

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