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If you want to lose your belly and legs but without leaving your health in it, this article interests you. Here you will find tricks to be able to mold these parts of your body

Apple shape
Having more belly and thin thighs is known as an Android overweight. We commonly call it an apple-shaped silhouette.

Women who have an excess belly also have wider shoulders, arms, and waistlines.

Aculumar fat in the abdomen is dangerous because it predisposes to suffer from cardiovascular diseases. It is also associated with diabetes and hypertension.

What to Eat:

You need a low-calorie diet and a slight increase in protein. You should be careful with some foods like starches as they can contribute to make you feel more bloated.

The foods you can best sit on are fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes. Like proteins, lean meats, fish and eggs.

You should avoid foods that are too special or hot. We also recommend you to reduce the bread, the refined pasta and eat with less fat, especially the saturated one that comes from the animals and, of course, the trans fats very damaging to the health of your heart.

What sport to do:

To see you better we advise you to try exercises such as running, cycling or activities such as aerobics, Zumba, dancing, etc.

This way you will tone buttocks and legs and also improve the appearance of the torso.

Pear Body
If your silhouette belongs to the group called ‘ pear ‘ or, medically, overweight gynoid, you need a diet that helps you to eliminate toxins from your body. Fiber-rich foods will also help you improve your appearance.

Thick legs and cartridge strips are more typical of women. It is usually hereditary and can come with cellulite.

People who suffer this type of overweight may also have other disorders such as varicose veins, so they should eat foods that improve blood circulation. You may also suffer estreƱimento and your diet should be aimed at improving intestinal transit.

What to Eat:

Lots of fruit and vegetables, plenty of water, infusions like green tea, natural juices… In general, all those foods that favor the purification of the organism. Pineapple and celery, for example, can be good alternatives.

Bread, pasta or starches can sit very well. Always bow for integral food as you will ensure a good contribution of fiber. Lean meats, fish or eggs should not be absent in your diet.

You must avoid fatty foods, industrial pastries, alcohol, fried foods, rich in salt.

What sport to do:

To show more slender legs it is advisable to swim or perform any exercise in the water, such as Aquagym. Walking briskly or biking will also fine-tune the figure.

General recommendations
You know the foods and exercises that can help you lose your tummy and legs.

If you are constant and integrate these habits in your day to day, little by little you will get the body you want. But keep this in mind:

In general, it is difficult to thin a single part of the body. You lose fat and body weight and exercise will help mold it. Therefore, you should not obsess with a type of diet, but eat healthy every day, do physical exercise and do not abuse certain foods that can make you fatten more (processed, rich in fat, rich in sugar, etc.).

Anyone should try to take a balanced diet. If the excess weight is worrying, it is advisable to go to a nutritionist. He will study your case and decide what type of diet is best for you and how many calories you should reduce a day so as not to put health at risk. If you can afford it, consider the help of a personal trainer.

A qualified professional will analyse the problem and recommend the most advisable exercises for each case.

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