It’s Quick Tips How Pregnant After Married

It’s Quick Tips How Pregnant After Married on How to Prevent Infertility To Pregnant Fast Can Each couple must want to be able to have a baby soon after marriage.

However, sometimes expectations can not be in accordance with the reality.

Not a few couples who have been waiting so long the good news about the pregnancy of his wife, but yet there are also signs.

Well, for those couples who want to have a baby soon, here are some tips on natural ways that you can do to avoid infertil

It’s Quick Tips How Pregnant After Married

Anyway, no one yet knows what it infertilias?

Infertility is the failure of a couple (married of course)

To become pregnant after having sex without using contraception, for one year after marriage.

1-Keep stress

Stress is a major source that will invite various diseases in the body.

Ranging from mild to dangerous diseases, such as cancer, heart disease, and others.

To avoid stress, do the positive things, do a sports.

2-Consumption of healthy foods

Make sure you always choose healthy and nutritious food that is needed by the body.

Familiarize live unhealthy foods and let free entry into the stomach will cause many diseases in the body.

Read: Healthy Drink for pregnant women.

3-ideal weight

There are many reasons why everyone should maintain a healthy weight.

One is to keep the body from disease. Keep your body weight is not too excessive or obesity, also guarding against too skinny.

Read: Tips on how to calculate your ideal weight.

4-Perform the test lab

It’s good if you and your partner perform a series of laboratory tests to check for fertility before planning a pregnancy.

It is extremely helpful for preventing various conditions is possible if there is a risk of miscarriage or a difficult pregnancy due to certain diseases.


Doing series of vaccinations is recommended when married,

Such as TT or vaccination against German measles or rubella commonly called.

6-Do not delay too long gestation

We recommend that you do not delay pregnancy if you just got married.

Because at a certain age, there are dangerous risks that could threaten the health of women.

In fact, women are advised not to get pregnant at age 30 or approaching the end of 40 years.

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7-Avoid cigarettes and alcohol

Smoking and alcohol can cause infertility and all other dangerous diseases.

Therefore, avoid both if you want to have a baby soon. Read: Tips on how to quit smoking.

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