List to Avoid in Pregnancy Age 8 Months

List to Avoid in Pregnancy Age 8 Months .

When the pregnancy was the third trimester, you will begin to see significant changes that occur within yourself.

The existence of the baby will be more apparent and the maternal instinct of a woman are starting to appear.

The mothers, will be more aware and more cautious in doing any activity every day,

This is because the flavors are eagerly looking forward to the sound of their baby’s first cry was born into the world.

When the pregnancy reaches 8 months

the most common thing done is to calculate the prospective mother

Before the mother heard the cries of a baby who is born into the world for the first time.

Considering Pregnancy is a period that is so thrilling at the same time happy,

It is imperative to maintain and pay attention to the condition of our pregnancy in order to remain healthy,

it is solely manifested to participate fibers maintain the condition of the mother and fetus are healthy.

Well, in the meantime, to keep the condition of pregnancy in order to stay healthy,

You need to pregnant mothers taking every step very carefully.

List to Avoid in Pregnancy Age 8 Months
You must always remember that pregnancy is a condition where you are not only responsible for their own health,

But also has an important role to maintain healthy fetal growth.

For every thing you do will have an effect on the fetus in the mother’s

Womb that includes not only the physical factors but also psychological fetus.

List to Avoid in Pregnancy Age 8 Months
Well, here are some things that women should avoid when the mother has entered the age of 8 months of pregnancy:

  1. Stress

Stress condition can occur in more types, both physically and mentally.

To have a healthy baby, then you also have to know all the ways to avoid and overcome when the stress comes.

Try and try to always make everything that you face become more enjoyable.

Emotions that you feel will be passed to the baby, so that when the mood you are in bad condition or you feel stressed this will also affect your baby.

  1. Long Journey

During pregnancy you have entered the age of 8 months, then you have to remember that the birth was imminent and your baby can come out at any time.

Well, to avoid any possibility of bad to avoid is to avoid long trips. In addition, a long journey also you should avoid, because it will be very tiring and make your condition as well as the baby becomes not good.

  1. Diet

Diet or reduce the consumption of food is something you should avoid. During pregnancy,

choose a diet certainly is not a wise thing. Instead, you need to consume vegetables and fruits that are rich in protein, calcium and iron are essential for the health of mother and baby. In addition, avoid all foods that contain preservatives.

  1. Spicy Food

Spices are good in consumption, it’s just limited to a certain amount.

Avoid eating spicy food during pregnancy, especially during the third trimester of pregnancy already.

For spicy food will disturb your digestive system. When disturbed digestive system disorders, not just the pain you feel, but also you will feel anxious and unwell.

Which of these conditions would be harmful to the developing baby in your uterus.

Therefore, avoid eating spicy foods for your health and that of the fetus in the womb.

Similarly, some of the things that should be avoided when the pregnancy has entered the age of 8 months.

By knowing some of the above, you are expected to maintain a healthy pregnancy to be over so that the later birth process can run smoothly.

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