Pregnancy Tips To Stay Fit During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy Tips To Stay Fit During Pregnancy
Pregnant not be a reason for the mother to continue to feel tired. In order to keep fit during pregnancy,

the obstetrician of Ciputra Hospital in Housing Citra Raya, Indonesia, Dr. Iswan Sharif, SpOG provide tips to stay in shape while pregnant
Pregnancy Tips To Stay Fit During Pregnancy
Eat small amounts, but often.

Avoid spicy foods, acidic, carbonated drinks, or alcohol. Also avoid jackfruit, cabbage and other.

Consumption of nutritious foods such as those containing carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. All of these are of various types of food.

Consumption of foods containing folic acid because it can prevent neural tube defects and spine in children. Folic acid is contained in cereals, brown rice, oranges, nuts and green vegetables.

Iron is also needs to be taken to avoid the possibility of rapid fatigue.

Water consumption as much as six to eight glasses per day.

The goal is to increase the metabolism and blood volume. Can also the consumption of milk and fruit juice.

Do not carelessly take medication. Consult your obstetrician before taking the drug.

A time to exercise at least 20 minutes. For the morning, at the age of six months in the womb is highly recommended, so that the pelvic muscles elastic.

Do vaccination when the content of 7-8 months old.

Such as tetanus injection in order to prevent tetanus in children. Especially if there is the possibility of a tool that is not sterile at birth.

That’s tips for pregnant women, in order to stay healthy during pregnancy.

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