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Terms and Conditions embarazadashop.com

Users of the Services offered by embarazadashop.com acknowledge and accept these terms and conditions.

Owner of embarazadashopand related Services

Any explanatory texts provided in correspondence of the available services by no means substitute a legal opinion nor replace the assistance or advice of a professional. Such texts are merely intended to facilitate use and understanding of the Service and are not exhaustive nor may they fit any specific case.

The Owner is merely a technical provider of the Services and may not in any way be held responsible for such use that the User makes of the same, nor shall the Owner be responsible for the User’s achieving its purposes of use of the Service.

Content provided by the User

Users are responsible for their own content and that of third parties that they share through embarazadashop that they upload and post on or through embarazadashop, or that they transfer by any other means. Users confirm that they have all the necessary consents from third parties whose data and/or content they share with the Owner and hereby indemnify the Owner for any liability or claim arising against the Owner in connection with illegal distribution of third-party content or unlawful use of the Service.

The Owner does not moderate the content provided by Users or by third parties but will act if complaints are received from Users or if orders are issued by the public authorities regarding content deemed offensive or illegal.

Rights over content provided by Users
The only rights granted to the Owner in relation to content provided by Users are those necessary to operate and maintain embarazadashop

Content provided by third parties

The Owner does not moderate the content or links provided by third parties before their publication on embarazadashop The Owner is not responsible for the content provided by third parties or for its availability.

Services provided by third parties

Users may use third-party services or content included in embarazadashop, but they must be aware of these third parties’ terms and conditions and have given consent to them. Under no circumstances will the Owner be deemed liable in relation to the proper functionality or availability, or both, of third-party services.

Terms of use
Our publications use a Creative Commons license that allows the use of its contents for non-commercial purposes, requiring only attribution to the author. This means that all our content, except some photos and videos, can be used freely. Anyone can copy, reproduce, distribute and modify them, the only conditions that are imposed are:

Let it be for a non-commercial purpose. Its publication is considered commercial use on any page that shows publicity or that supports another activity such as the sale of goods and services.
That the original attribution be maintained to its author by means of a direct link (without “nofollow”) to the individual page of the site where said content was originally published. If it is a printed media, it is enough to mention the name of the site and the general url of the same (although you can publish the url of the news is appreciated).
A part of what we do is collect the bits and bytes of the news scattered over the Internet on the topics we cover to make a modest selection. That’s why we believe in justice to return to the Internet as much as we have taken from it for which we use a Creative Commons license.

One caveat, not all the photographs and videos that we use are original to us, and about those that are not, we do not usually have rights to modify their licenses and apply ours, so we do not have the power to apply the Creative Commons license.

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