Simple beauty tips that do work

Simple beauty tips that do work

Chamomile for hair, oats for slimming, cucumber for eyes… how many times have you not heard the same myths over and over again? The truth is that while most are like stories, there are others that really give results. Discover them and put into practice these quick and simple beauty tips that work almost instantly!

1. Is your favorite exfoliation over? It uses a mixture of salt, olive oil and lemon essence (not the juice).

Your skin will be as new, the salt cleans your aura and the lemon awaken your senses. Three benefits in one!

2. Árgano oil is one of nature’s best kept secrets. Úntalo pure in scars, hair, face and the rest of your body.

3. The cocoa cream is so delicate and nutritious that it serves to moisturize your face during the night.

4. It fixes the errors of the self-tanning by mixing two parts of bicarbonate with one of water. Rub and rinse thoroughly.

5. If you are going to wear a miniskirt, try to exfoliate with ground coffee that day-help with cellulite and your skin will look more firm and smooth.

6. Making your own color moisturizer is simple: mix equal pieces of base and your favorite facial cream. If you want more coverage, just add more base.

7. Cover the dark circles and blemishes with a liquid makeup base and a brush if you do not have your corrector on hand.

Seal with a little bit of compact powder.

8. Change the face powders by pieces of rice-your face will have a more natural effect.

9. For red pimples, nothing beats a green checker.

10. Make a prebase of shadows at home: two parts of concealer with a dense base, apply in eyelids and ready!

11. Give a youthful twist to your shadows with lip balm on your eyelids. You can see it on catwalks!

12. Don’t you have a curler? Calm-Apply two layers of mascara and push the tabs up without letting dry.

13. Dealing with Pestañina run can be difficult but if you “blur” the stains until you get a semi-smoky effect, your makeup will return to normal.

14. If you are a beginner, try applying the eyeliner with continuous points. When you’re done, just go through the line.

15. Did you pass with the blush? Do not try to remove it with toilet paper or facial tissues. Use a algodoncito to remove excess and reapply if necessary.

16. Did you know that two combined lipsticks always look great in any skin tone? Do the test.

17. If your teeth are stained, stay away from orange or pink-based lipsticks. Opt for the bluish reds.

18. Delineate your lips so that the shine lasts you longer. Be careful to use dark or obvious colors.

19. A touch of shine in the middle of the lower lip makes it look voluptuous. If you apply illuminator on top of the upper lip, your mouth will look more crowded.

20. After applying a strong lipstick, “Kiss” a facial handkerchief so that the color stays on your lips.


21. To achieve a nude effect, apply a little bit of concealer to neutralize the tone of your lips before you make them up.

22. Are you looking to increase your breasts? Leave the surgery or fills aside and opt for makeup. Delicately, draw a “V ” between them to make them look bigger. But remember, you don’t do miracles!

23. Do you hate enamels? Keep your fingernails polished and lacquer-free by softening with a multi-sided file. Spread lots of cream, wait, rinse and soften again. You’ll get a manicure in less than five minutes!

24. After painting your nails, dip your hands in icy water to cut the drying time in half.

25. Gray hair? Disimúlalas using matte shade (from the tone of your hair) with a slightly damp brush. Comb as usual.