Symptoms and Signs of Ovarian Cancer Affected Women

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Symptoms and Signs of Ovarian Cancer Affected Women, Ovarian cancer or ovary is a disease In which the ovaries are owned by women have abnormal development of cells.

Because of the early stage to the advanced stage may occur only in a single year

Ovaium cancer is one type of cancer that is dangerous, Even the British Medical Journal and Target Ovarian Center explains

That it takes a month to find the disease, after symptoms appear.

However, to know the symptoms of ovarian cancer can be very useful, In order to immediately do the treatment and greater opportunities to recover.

Symptoms and Signs of Ovarian Cancer Affected Women

WikiPedia page explains that there are at least a nine women have signs or symptoms of ovarian cancer, including:

Often feel pain in the abdomen

The larger the size of the stomach

Difficulty eating or loss of appetite

Often feel glut

Frequent vomiting and defecation

Constant bloating

Vaginal bleeding

Weight loss significantly

Often feel tired and headache

Meanwhile, Boldsky page also explains that there are six Symptoms and Signs of Ovarian Cancer Affected Women.


Stomach will look and feel enlarged or bloated when not eating and drinking a lot. Although it is not yet certain that flatulence indicates women have ovarian cancer,

But if this continues for a long time you should immediately perform the examination.

Pain in the pelvis and abdomen

In addition to prolonged flatulence, Pain and constant that appears in the pelvis can also be a sign that a woman has ovarian cancer.

In addition, pain and pain in the abdominal area are ongoing can also be a symptom of ovarian cancer.


Women will feel the stomach is full even though only eat very little. If she only ate a little food and it is already making the stomach feel full

Then you should immediately test for ovarian cancer. Although it could have been due to other factors. But it does not hurt to check it to make it safer.

Frequent urination

In addition to diabetes, the symptoms of frequent urination can also be experienced by women suffering from ovarian cancer. Urinate more frequently, sometimes

More than three or four times an hour could be a sign of something wrong with the ovaries of women.

Abnormal vaginal bleeding

It is a symptom of ovarian cancer is less common.But perhaps this could be a sign of ovarian cancer growth.

In addition, postmenopausal bleeding and rectal bleeding are also signs of ovarian cancer.

When these symptoms persist for more than a month, then you should immediately go check with a gynecologist.

Back pain, fatigue, and constipation

Back pain and often feel fatigue can indeed be a symptom of other health problems in the body

however it can also be a symptom of ovarian cancer. Therefore, it is advisable to immediately consult a doctor to be tested and be sure.

WIKIPEDIA ovarian cancer, stomach feel full when not eating, the stomach feel full when eating a little.

Always be aware of Symptoms and Signs of Ovarian Cancer Affected Women

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