Want a Boy Or Girl?

Want a Boy Or Girl? – Many define a method for determining the sex of a child and one of the true user experience is the Shettles method. The application of this method gives more chance of success of 75%.

Want a Boy Or Girl
Want a Boy Or Girl? Basically, men produce sperm with two kinds of chromosomal genes, namely XX (female) and XY (male). Dr. Shettles research results show that :

XY chromosomes (male)

Sperm size smaller

Life force is weak, but moving faster (aggressive) compared with XX chromosomes greater

XX chromosomes (female)

Greater sperm size

Strong vitality, but more slowly

There are several thing that can be done for increase the chances of getting a boy or girl baby :

At the time of ovulation (fertile period) will give a better chance to get a boy, because XY sperm tend to be faster and tend to reach the egg first. Advised at the time of ovulation related, opportunities for wanting boys. While opportunities for girls wanting a touch made 3 days or more before ovulation. Much steps can be taken to determine the fertile period:

Determine the length of your menstrual cycles. Usually the normal menstrual cycle ranges from 21 to 40 days. Where the menstrual cycle begins on the first day of menstruation until exactly one day before menstruation in the next month.

of menstruation to the next month, then reduced to 14 days. Because ovulation occurs 14 days before the first period of the following monthIn accordance with your menstrual cycle, calculate and determine the approximate first day

The position and depth of penetration during intercourse. The more shallow or near the vagina and women generally will produce deeper will produce boys.

Will also affect sperm count. More sperm count will increase the chances of a boy, there are two things to do:

For boys, men should be more likely to use loose pants. This is due to increase fertility in which the testes require a lower temperature so that sperm can survive and therefore XY sperm vitality are weaker, so in this way would be more helpful than the XX sperm but not recommended if you do the opposite (men wear tights ).

For girls, men should warm bath immediately before intercourse. on this way the sperm will be more likely XX

So, which one would you choose, Want a Boy Or Girl Baby.

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