What nail designs do you use on Valentine’s Day?

What nail designs do you use on Valentine’s Day?
Nails of love and friendship

What nail designs do you use on Valentine's Day

Women are characterized by being very thorough, take care of every detail when it comes to an occasion and Valentine is a very special date.

It is the day of celebrating love and a night to go out and enjoy as a couple. If you want to have an exclusive manicure for this day, that attracts attention, you must take into account several factors: what will you do that day, what clothes you are going to wear and what message you want to convey.

You can combine different colors and designs and make your hands the protagonists of the night. Read on and we’ll give you some ideas of what nail designs to use for Valentine’s Day.

How to fix your nails: The first thing you have to do is remove the previous enamel.

File your nails, lower the cuticle, put them in soaking to soften and you can push them. Before placing the enamel apply a protective base layer and proceed to choose the colors and the design of nails you want to look.

Red: Red is the color of passion.

Paint your fingernails with red enamel in whole, only leaving the ring finger of each hand without enamel. That nail must be painted white and make the design of two red hearts interlaced. It is expected to dry and apply a glossy shine on all nails.

Bright pink: For this design, pink paints all your nails. Expect to dry and place a French glaze with glitter. Try to only shine at the beginning of the nails, at the end apply a layer of shine and shines your flashing hands.

White to highlight love: Apply to your nails a design of French nails with the white edge and the rest of the nail transparent. Then on the ring finger draws three hearts from the major to minor in a red tone to highlight.

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